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The Death of Trade Prices

We often get asked why we don't have a retail price on our invoices. There are a few reasons why, so I thought I would try and break it down.

  1. We use a "cost plus" system, rather than a "list less" system. A lot of suppliers use a fictitious "List Price" which is often so ridiculously inflated that you cannot use it anyway. We have found over the years that our system keeps our prices fair across the board.
  2. Retail prices are often a lot cheaper than what you think they are! Hop on ebay and see what you can buy a Timing Belt Kit for a Toyota Hilux 3L Diesel for. It will be considerably less than any "List Price" you get on an invoice.

We sell a fair bit of product online through our web page and through ebay, so our retail prices are in line with what consumers will pay online. So don't be offended when there is not much margin between trade and retail prices. The line between the two is becoming more and more blurred.

We always recommend to our trade customers to put 30% mark up on our prices. This will often be more than our "retail price". However, you must remember that by you (the workshop) purchasing the goods, you:

  1. Are using your time to order and pick up the parts
  2. Assuming responsibility for the quality of the parts
  3. Assuring the correct parts are fitted

If the customer wishes to supply the parts, the onus is no longer on you to warrant the parts if:

  • they fail
  • are not good quality
  • or are incorrect.

Parts are getting more and more accessible through the internet which in turn, drives prices down. This is great news for the consumer, but bad news for sellers and service people.

We will continue to bring you the best prices and the best quality product available.

Visitor Comments

darryl on 23 Jul 2015
Your comments above make sense,it is not easy in a sales environment on line or otherwise.the comment i wish to make is from both a customer and a seller i find it very difficult to know whether spending extra on an item ensures a better quality part.I then have to on sell that part hoping that it is better than if i as the expert can not always pick an inferior part because it is very well presented how does a paying customer.i,ll finish on this i very recently purchased online a very hi end name front disc brake rotor for my own vehicle.with some help i fitted the rotors and they are above average quality but not up to the usual manufacturers standard.I did some checking and the seller eventually told me the rotors were made under an agreement that the high end name could be used.No statement of this at start.I would not have purchased them if i had known this.albeit they are not a poor quality product.thanks Darryl

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