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The Importance of Filters

In today's automotive world, engines are becoming more refined and emission standards are becoming more stringent. The role of the filter has become more important than ever, with an increase in fuel economy and reduced emissions, more pressure is placed on the vehicles filtration.

Oil, Air & Fuel must be kept cleaner, the filtration media must be able to remove more particulates and contaminants before they can affect the applications engine. The tolerances have become narrower in an effort to increase effeciency of the engine. Fuel must now be cleaner, as engines run on high compression ratios and use pressurised fuel injectors.

There are a variety of different brands on the market. In Australia the brand Ryco is synonomous with filters. Another emerging brand in Australia is Sakura. They are at the forefront of developing new ways to keep ahead of the technology being used. All Sakura products are tested to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard of an accredited laboratory. Sakura filters are a global brand, used in over 110 countries across the world.

Whether your looking for filters for your HoldenFordKiaToyotaDaewooDaihatsuNissanMazda,MitsubishiHyundaiSubaruHonda or any other vehicles, it is imperative that you keep your service and maintenance records up. Not only will your vehicle run more effeciently and cleanly, it will also ensure you can get top resale price when it comes time to updating your car.

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